Saturday, September 1, 2012

Baby survival package

I can finally post this! My sister just had her baby girl and she is a small sweetie! My sister opened her baby survival package so now I can post the photos! A lot of people are doing these things so they aren't original ideas.  However, I thought they turned out pretty good.  It's some of the first stuff I ever sewed.

These photos are the two sides of a small things holder.  Pacifiers and other tiny things will fit in this little bag. The outside is felt so it's soft if baby gets ahold of it.  It is lined with a green cotton fabric so this is 100% washable. Ribbon is sewn around the top and as a little handle. 

This is side 1 and 2 of a reusable wipes case.  There are tons of tutorials of these all over the web! But these are very simple as long as you have a hot glue gun.  On the front I put a little monkey.  on the back I made a little tag, it says Comet Creation. My machine doesn't do embroidery well but at least I tried!

This is the front and back of a small diaper case. It should hold between 3-5 diapers for now. When she gets bigger and the diapers get bigger, it might hold less. again there is a little monkey on the front. It has velcro closures for quick and easy open and close.

Finally we have the changing blanket.  Fleece on one side, fabric on the other, with batting in the middle. Outlined with with ribbon. This is intended to be used anywhere.  When you're out, put it on the changing table. When you're home, put it on the floor or changing table. Use it anywhere to keep baby comfy. Added know where it's been! No more worries about the cleanliness of the tables you lay baby on, through down the blanket and baby stays clean! It can also double as a blankey to keep baby warm instead, if needed. It is 100% washable. So if baby goes potty on the blanket, you can through it in the washing machine.

All of this comes wrapped up in a homemade belt. The belt is the same ribbon that has been used throughout the package. It all wraps together for a quick and easy retrieval when baby needs a change. Instead of fishing around for each individual item you grab one bundle and you're ready to go! 

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