Monday, September 3, 2012

infinity dress try 1

I have been seeing this dress everywhere and decided to give it a try.  However, my downfall was I didn't have enough fabric.  I only had 3 yards to do skirt, straps, and all.  I also made the mistake of doing it with a non stretchy fabric so I had to add a zipper! My straps are a little short due to a shortage of fabric and the store had no more of the same fabric.  So I may be limited in what I can do, but it's still a fun dress to make and wear.  I thought the material is fun too.  I have another fabric, same material except all green, I want to make this same dress out of it.  Hopefully I have enough this time, however I think I'm going to need to get more!  Ahhhhhh! The only down side to this dress is the amount of fabric you have to get.  I want to try this with a knit fabric (like it's supposed to be down with) but I have never worked with knits nor do I know where to get them.  So, Here are a few pics of the dress.  I hope I have impressed with this!

***Sorry the photos are kind of blurry/horribly taken.....I'll have my husband take some at a later date.

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