Friday, September 14, 2012

first shirt

I made a shirt. It's my first shirt.  No pattern, barely any measurements! Very simple to make.  Sorry, I didn't take pictures during the whole ordeal, but it really was simple.  I got my inspiration from THIS page.  Very, very cute.  hope you like my shirt! I do!

 This shirt took 4 panels of fabric.  I wanted the edge of the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt to be the same style.  I got this fabric at Walmart! I cut 4 panels all the same length and width.  To get the right length (especially for the bottom part) I used the widest measurement on my body.  For me it was rounded to 40 inches.  I decided that my chest is the widest part and I wanted it to fit over my chest so I could wear it.  I divided this measurement by 2.  I did this so I had two panels, one for the bottom of the front of the shirt and one for the bottom of the back.  The panels that went over the arms were the same length as well.  This may or may not work for everyone depending on how long or short you want the shirt. I sewed the two bottom panels together to get a circle.  I then decided where the shoulders were to go and sewed a deep V front and slight V for the back. I sewed this onto the circle.  Finish the seams and voila! you have a shirt. 4 panels! aprox 30-60 minutes! very little measuring and no pattern! super simple!
This is the back! I plan on going back and putting bias tape on the shirt around all the seams. This way it will finish the seams a lot nicer and hopefully keep the fraying to a minimum. 

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