Friday, September 28, 2012

Reorganizing part 1

I reorganized our craft room.  I started with getting my fabrics in order, while he got his painting stuff in order.  I used cardboard box pieces to roll my fabrics over 1 yard.  And have a box full of anything less than a yard.  I didn't realize how much scrap fabric I had.....I have got to figure something out for all that fabric.  I have also organized my bundles. Of fabric into type and pattern.  The stuff on the top shelf is jelly rolls and quilting squares, also interfacing and pre-rolled fabric from walmart's clearance rack. I didn't feel like unrolling it til I need it.  I also have my sheer fabric up there. My bottom shelf is my few knits and fleece.  My middle shelf is my basic fabric.....I think its called broadcloth.  On the very top is some of my finished or almost finished stuff and speakers so I have music.  Next I need to work on my notions....ribbon, needles, thread, etc. That's going to be the hard part.  Once I get that done and I get my sewing machine back from the repair guy Ill be ready to go. 

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