Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Starting my t-shirt quilt

So, the main reason I wanted a sewing machine was to make a quilt.  Not just any old quilt, but a t-shirt quilt.  I have been collecting t-shirts over the years.  All sorts of shirts.  I have shirts. From church events, and some from grade school up to college, some from sporting events and some from places I have been. I have big squares, little squares, and even some rectangles. 

Tonight I started on this quilt.  I cut up all the t-shirts, and hopefully not the duplicates.  I'm going to try to start putting it together tonight also, but I don't have a space big enough without the animals being around.  My sewing room trash is full, and I have plenty of left over shirt pieces for filler if needed.  I have several thoughts on how I am going to do this.  One is to put all the big pieces together then add the little and long.  One is to start with the little pieces together in the middle and go out from that with everything else.  Its probably going to take me a while to do this, and lots of thread.  I will be keeping all of you updated as the project progresses and end it with the final look.  Let me know if there are any suggestions out there. 

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