Monday, August 27, 2012

How to make: Travel pillow!

This is my first tutorial I have done so hopefully it is easy to understand.  Also, I don't really have a pattern, nor do I know how to upload patterns or I would have one. 

I made a travel neck pillow for my husband.  It was very simple and took maybe an hour.  The first thing you need to do is gather materials:  Fabric, Thread, Sewing machine, Stuffing, needle.  This is a very cheap project.  Depending on the size of the pillow you want to make you shouldn't need much fabric.  I got 1 yard and it was more than enough.  I also only used 1 type of fabric, for this project you could do different types, but I went simple. 

 Step 1:  fold fabric in half, right sides together.

Step 2: fold fabric in half again.  You should now have a square.
Step 3:  Draw out, either on seperate paper or fabric, the shape you want the pillow to take. I used wax paper to draw mine on.  Then, if you did what i did, pin paper to fabric on fold.  Not the double fold side....the single fold side.
 Step 4:  Cut fabric.  I cut the fabric a little bigger than the shape I drew because I just wanted a general idea of the shape....not the actual size.  Also, If I would have done it to the actual size I drew it, then I would have a pillow small enough for a kid.
 Step 5: unpin paper, unfold fabric.  Make sure your right sides are still together and pin the two sides together.
 Step 6: sew around the whole pillow.  Make sure to leave an opening somewhere to flip the fabric and stuff the pillow
 I double pin like this where my opening will be so I don't forget about it. 
 Step 7:  Clip your turns.....apparently this is important, not sure why but every tutorial I have read on rounded items says to do this, so I do....I get it on garments, but not pillows.  Oh well, do it anyways.
 Step 8: Flip it right side out.....
 This is what it should look like at this point.....
 Step 9: Iron the pillow.
 Step10: Find a fill you want, I used this:
 .....and stuff your pillow.  This was probably the most time consuming part.  Make sure you stuff it as full as YOU want it!  Test it out before sealing the hole.  Stick it on the floor or table and lay on it to make sure it is the right firmness.
 ....As you stuff you will see it take shape. 
 Step 11: Thread a needle and handstitch the opening shut.  Depending on the size of your whole you left.....this could take a while too. 
And Bam.....In less than an hour you have yourself a pillow.  Take it with you on your next trip.  Stay comfy cozy on a plane, in a car, or just sitting outside in your lawn chair reading a good book. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  I just figured since I couldn't find anything online that I would post something.  I know it's not difficult, but it's fun! 

Double circle skirt

This skirt was frustrating at times, but overall pretty easy.  I started it a couple weeks ago, But I finished it today! It started as just a red skirt but I cut it a little too short (for me).  So, I added a black skirt and sewed them together.  I then (finally) found a wide elastic band and used that as the waist band.  I think this skirt turned out way better than my first skirt that I made. I am really proud of this one and hope to wear it often!


This is my apron.  I made it today.  I bought a yard of the fabric because I thought it was neat.  I had no idea what to do with it so I decided to make an apron.  This is my Thanksgiving apron.  There are little pleats in the skirt portion.  It ties in the back and goes over the head.  It was actually kind of fun to make. I'm thinking of making a christmas one and a couple year-round ones. This was quick and easy and I still have fabric left over. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Coming soon

I have decided that I am making my husband and I travel pillows.  You know those pillows that wrap around your neck? Well, I'm going to be making two.  I haven't been able to find any tutorials or how-to's or patterns.  So, as soon as my mouth heals enough and I am able I will be making a tutorial for these pillows. This way, if anyone else wants to give it a try they can.  I'm probably just going to do it by measurements and not with a pattern.  We will see though. Travel pillows will be nice because they can go anywhere and can be used anytime.  The picture on the right is pretty much what it will look like.  Lets see how close I can get. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bibs and burp cloths part 2

 This set is called Elmo and Friends. This set was a rush set and kind of out of the blue.  I didn't plan on making this set but it was fun.  These bibs were alot easier to make than the bee bibs and they should fit the child as he/she grows.  again, the fabric was purchased at Walmart. the back side, the friends side, is made with flannel this side.  The Elmo side is cotton.  I then surrounded the bibs with double fold bias tape, I love that stuff.  It takes my mediocre stitching and hides it.  It makes everything I make look ten times better. The burp cloth is the same exact look and size as the bee burp cloth.  This time I used no pattern for the bibs though because patterns were starting to frustrate me.  i just drew on the fabric the shape and size I wanted and cut it out and sewed it all together.  A lot easier than I thought it would be.  This was also very fitting because Elmo is my sisters' favorite character as a child and sesame street is good for both girls and boys.  I'm getting better at curves at this point, but still need a little work. I also need to remember to clip my curves before flipping my items.  But, like i said, this was a rush project.

Bibs and Burp cloths

Sister #1 has opened her gift from me.  Therefore I can now post the pics. I made 2 burp cloths and a bunch of Bibs for her.  This is the first set that I made for her.  The set I'm calling the busy bee set.  as a bonus to the set is the busy bee puppy bib.  All of these I found patterns for from other sights.  However, they didn't print out right.  For most the bibs I used velcro for the closure.  A thought while using velcro for baby stuff: always put the softer side of the velcro on the portion that has the possibility of touching the baby's skin.  This lessens the risk of irritation.  This piece of advice was given to me by my husband.  I have not figured out how to make things water proof yet so these are just cloth.  I got all the fabric from Wal~mart.  It's just their regular cotton fabric.  The burp cloth has a sheet of batting in the middle to make it a little more comfy for baby and mommy.  Apparently these were the only two pictures I got before shipping off the items. I also had a bib with the whole front bees, and the back was black.  The burp cloth was bee's on the front, black on the back.  I'll be better about pictures as I keep sewing.  I found with this set that I need a lot of work with sewing in circles.  Also, I resized everything.  The patterns printed out a tiny bit small so I used them as a basis with which to work.  I upsized the bibs and added a few inches for the burp cloth.  The puppy however was done exactly to the bib pattern.  again....need to work on circles. 

Hey guys

Hey readers. Its going to be awhile before I make anything new.  I got my wisdom teeth out today and I'm pretty sure a sewing machine is one of those things I shouldn't use on painkillers. The procedure went well.  I felt needle pricks and heard a noise after being put out.  However, it well.  I don't expect anything to go wrong at this point as long as I stay safe.  So, If you think of things you want to see me try to make let me know and I'll start on something as soon as I can.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


This doll gave me so much trouble, it almost wasn't worth it.  This is my horrible attempt at Yoda.  It all looked great as separate pieces.  However when I put it together this is what I got.  I still need to add the cape thing he wears, but I don't think that will help any.  If anyone knows where I can find a free sewing pattern for Yoda that would be awesome...I tried just duplicating a can see how helpful that was.  However, this is my first all no pattern/tutorial sewing adventure.  My husband helped me figure out the hands and feet. This caused us to get in little fights about certain ideas not working etc.  Thank goodness this little guy is for a six month old baby that probably doesn't know who Yoda is yet. However his parents, my brother in law mostly, is going to give me a lot of shit for this not looking like Yoda.  Well, again, if you know of patterns let me know.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

cleaning day

I bought over $100 in fabric today.  I plan on doing a lot of decorative stuff and start on halloween costumes with it.  However, I put a load of it in the washer and it all frayed....bad! argh!  so frustrating! lesson learned....account for shrinkage in the making of stuff, don't wash fabric first! It was so annoying to have to sit there and rip the ends of the fabric! Hopefully it won't do it the dryer too.   On the plus side I cleaned my sewing room and now I can start making things to decorate it! My room was a huge mess but now its all clean and I have a better Ironing board! Can't wait to go get started!


This is my first stuffed animal.  It was fun to make. I got the pattern from another site but made my own modifications. I still have to add a hat and skirt before it is ready to ship off.  Ill make those tomorrow. They should be fairly easy.  This monkey I made for my niece. She isn't born yet but I hope she likes it.  And yes, it is purple.  My blood, sweat and tears literally went into making this....I cut my finger with my scissors.  By the way, fabric scissors are sharp, and they hurt. That was my biggest set back to making this.  Would I do it again....oh yes. this is the link for the pattern if you are interested in making one.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Coming. Soon

I am currently working on several projects.  Im working on a new skirt for me, a stuffed monkey, and a pillow blanket for my dog, among other ideas floating in my head.  In the next week the first two should be done.  Im still trying to come up with the pillow blanket pattern.  I also have other decorating ideas that im thinking and drawing up.  If anyone has anything they want me to try let me know.  I hope you enjoy the things I make as much as I do.

Working on fall

this is the start of my fall projects.  Im just learning plush items so these are kind of raw.  I made a pumpkin and a turkey.  The pumpkin was fairly easy until I went to close the hole. It took me a while to figure it out but I got it.  I want to do more pumpkins because they were quick and easy.  Im going to going to be doing them in all sorts of patterns and colors over the next few weeks.  The turkey was easy, I just traced my hand and sewed....then stuffed. The eyes are buttons. And used felt for wings.  It was quick and simple.  My next step is an actual turkey looking turkey.  Again, needing more fabric so it will be a few days before I try again. Im having so much fun figuring out all the things I can do, even if hand stitching is annoying.  Keep checking back for new projects. 

By the way, sorry all my pics are turning out sideways. I don't know how to fix this yet. I have been posting from my phone and they look the right way til I post.  When I post it flips them for some reason.  If anyone has ideas on how to fix this let me know.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First dress

This started as a shirt, then I decided to make a skirt.  Then I said screw it and made a dress. Its not amazing, but its my first dress. Hopefully I can get better.  I added an old scarf to spice it up


This is probably the easiest project I've put my mind to.  It was fun to make....though frustrating when my machine decided it didn't want to anymore.  But I have been needing a new purse for a long time, instead of buying one I made one.  The jean fabric is from the butt of an old pair of jeans....that same pocket is on the front and back.  I lined it when a plain red fabric.  Who doesn't love a homemade purse out of stuff you already have!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dog clothes

I love dressing up my puppy.  These pics are my three biggest successes with dog clothes.  My pup loves getting dressed up as much as I like dressing her.  The jean dress is here favorite.  She gets so excited when I pull it out for her to wear. I had some difficulty following patterns.  So, I said to hell with the patterns and just wung it.  I say it turned out better than planned. 

I got a machine!

I finally got my first sewing machine! I got it earlier this year on my birthday.  Thankyou mom and dad! Without this birthday present I would have never known just how much I love to sew! I have been going online for all sorts of ideas on what to sew and how to sew. It is amazing how many free tutorials are out there! My goal here is to show you what I can do.  Also, I'm going to recount my challenges and frustrations. That way maybe I can get some tips! Hope you all enjoy my sewing adventures....I know I will.