Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bibs and Burp cloths

Sister #1 has opened her gift from me.  Therefore I can now post the pics. I made 2 burp cloths and a bunch of Bibs for her.  This is the first set that I made for her.  The set I'm calling the busy bee set.  as a bonus to the set is the busy bee puppy bib.  All of these I found patterns for from other sights.  However, they didn't print out right.  For most the bibs I used velcro for the closure.  A thought while using velcro for baby stuff: always put the softer side of the velcro on the portion that has the possibility of touching the baby's skin.  This lessens the risk of irritation.  This piece of advice was given to me by my husband.  I have not figured out how to make things water proof yet so these are just cloth.  I got all the fabric from Wal~mart.  It's just their regular cotton fabric.  The burp cloth has a sheet of batting in the middle to make it a little more comfy for baby and mommy.  Apparently these were the only two pictures I got before shipping off the items. I also had a bib with the whole front bees, and the back was black.  The burp cloth was bee's on the front, black on the back.  I'll be better about pictures as I keep sewing.  I found with this set that I need a lot of work with sewing in circles.  Also, I resized everything.  The patterns printed out a tiny bit small so I used them as a basis with which to work.  I upsized the bibs and added a few inches for the burp cloth.  The puppy however was done exactly to the bib pattern.  again....need to work on circles. 

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