Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bibs and burp cloths part 2

 This set is called Elmo and Friends. This set was a rush set and kind of out of the blue.  I didn't plan on making this set but it was fun.  These bibs were alot easier to make than the bee bibs and they should fit the child as he/she grows.  again, the fabric was purchased at Walmart. the back side, the friends side, is made with flannel this side.  The Elmo side is cotton.  I then surrounded the bibs with double fold bias tape, I love that stuff.  It takes my mediocre stitching and hides it.  It makes everything I make look ten times better. The burp cloth is the same exact look and size as the bee burp cloth.  This time I used no pattern for the bibs though because patterns were starting to frustrate me.  i just drew on the fabric the shape and size I wanted and cut it out and sewed it all together.  A lot easier than I thought it would be.  This was also very fitting because Elmo is my sisters' favorite character as a child and sesame street is good for both girls and boys.  I'm getting better at curves at this point, but still need a little work. I also need to remember to clip my curves before flipping my items.  But, like i said, this was a rush project.

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