Monday, August 27, 2012

How to make: Travel pillow!

This is my first tutorial I have done so hopefully it is easy to understand.  Also, I don't really have a pattern, nor do I know how to upload patterns or I would have one. 

I made a travel neck pillow for my husband.  It was very simple and took maybe an hour.  The first thing you need to do is gather materials:  Fabric, Thread, Sewing machine, Stuffing, needle.  This is a very cheap project.  Depending on the size of the pillow you want to make you shouldn't need much fabric.  I got 1 yard and it was more than enough.  I also only used 1 type of fabric, for this project you could do different types, but I went simple. 

 Step 1:  fold fabric in half, right sides together.

Step 2: fold fabric in half again.  You should now have a square.
Step 3:  Draw out, either on seperate paper or fabric, the shape you want the pillow to take. I used wax paper to draw mine on.  Then, if you did what i did, pin paper to fabric on fold.  Not the double fold side....the single fold side.
 Step 4:  Cut fabric.  I cut the fabric a little bigger than the shape I drew because I just wanted a general idea of the shape....not the actual size.  Also, If I would have done it to the actual size I drew it, then I would have a pillow small enough for a kid.
 Step 5: unpin paper, unfold fabric.  Make sure your right sides are still together and pin the two sides together.
 Step 6: sew around the whole pillow.  Make sure to leave an opening somewhere to flip the fabric and stuff the pillow
 I double pin like this where my opening will be so I don't forget about it. 
 Step 7:  Clip your turns.....apparently this is important, not sure why but every tutorial I have read on rounded items says to do this, so I do....I get it on garments, but not pillows.  Oh well, do it anyways.
 Step 8: Flip it right side out.....
 This is what it should look like at this point.....
 Step 9: Iron the pillow.
 Step10: Find a fill you want, I used this:
 .....and stuff your pillow.  This was probably the most time consuming part.  Make sure you stuff it as full as YOU want it!  Test it out before sealing the hole.  Stick it on the floor or table and lay on it to make sure it is the right firmness.
 ....As you stuff you will see it take shape. 
 Step 11: Thread a needle and handstitch the opening shut.  Depending on the size of your whole you left.....this could take a while too. 
And Bam.....In less than an hour you have yourself a pillow.  Take it with you on your next trip.  Stay comfy cozy on a plane, in a car, or just sitting outside in your lawn chair reading a good book. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  I just figured since I couldn't find anything online that I would post something.  I know it's not difficult, but it's fun! 

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