Monday, February 4, 2013

pinup girl dress!

This is my pinup dress! It took 6-8 hours to make.  I made it for an event at a local bar. It was actually super easy to make.  The only issue I had was the pattern I was using was a little to small for me.  So I had to resize it! That too ended up being super easy!  I'm loving these new tricks I'm learning.  The pattern I ended up using came from here.  However I didn't follow it exactly.  I used this tutorial to resize the pattern.  This slashing and cutting method was amazing.  However, it made the top a little big still.  So as a result there was a lot of taking in on this dress.  To get the full instructions of how I made this dress go to my burdastyle page.  I have decided that I will post most of my instructions and tutorials there.  I hope you enjoy the rest of my pics and try to make one yourself!

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