Friday, January 18, 2013


Over the last couple months I made a couple purses.  They were both christmas gifts for family members.  I had bought the handles a few months ago and decided it was about time I used them.  I decided to make these two cute little bags.  Both bags have pockets inside the purse.  Each one has a larger pocket for storing small notebooks, possibly a kindle, or other things.  The other side of the purses has a multipocket that has a few slots.  One big enough for a droid phone or iphone, three for pens and pencils and one that can hold a couple markers or checkbook.  It was fun learning how to make pockets and line purses.  The main reason I made these was to learn how to line items and how to use those dang handles.  They are both the same style.  One is flowery and the other is Star Wars themed.

both have a strip of denim at the top and have pleats to add style.  they aren't large pleats so you can't see them in the photos. 

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