Thursday, November 22, 2012

holiday chairs

Everyone loves a little holiday cheer.  So how about dressing up your kitchen chairs for the season.  I saw this idea all over the internet. All the sites I saw these on were to buy them for outragous prices.  Then again, I'm a poor retail worker.  I can afford fabric on sale but not the covers.  I could not find a tutorial anywhere for these, so I kind of made it up as I went.  My inspiration can be found on THIS site. I'm pretty sure the price is $30 each.  so for a set of 4 you are spending over $100!! I have four kitchen chairs, not 1! So I took fabric I already had and made it up.  Mine aren't nearly as professional or as good.  As a matter of fact, one of mine started tearing apart in the washing machine! Teaches me to do a small seam on satin! But, I hope you like these.  This is the first finished project for the holidays I have.  I love how easy these were to make.  If anyone wants to know how to make their own let me know and I'll post a tutorial when I make my next set!

 This is the whole set.  The pics below are close ups of each snowman. 
 this hat is shiny!

This is the one with the satin ribbon.....not my fav.  But it's also my first one made.

 This hat is shiny too. 
This one is probably my favorite cause it's so different and so fun!

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