Thursday, November 22, 2012

advent calendar

This is my advent calendar! I made it, if you couldn't tell. It was quite easy.  My inspiration for this project came from THIS one.  again, I couldn't find a how-to.  so i used a tutorial to learn how to do a pillow case and I chose the envelope style pillow case because it looked easy! The whole case is satin.  I had a set of satin sheets and used those.  the Belt is removable using velcro and is just plain fabric with that stuff you used for tote straps inside to give it stiffness. All the writing was done with fabric markers! My embroidery on my machine is too small, so I hand wrote.  I also added a fabric belt buckle and fabric loops.  the idea is to slide the belt each day as you get closer to christmas! I was excited to do this one. hope you like it!  

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